Range Rules

GRRC Range Rules


  1. All members shall lock the gate, signing in and out, each time they enter or leave the range. Members will post the appropriate tag on the range usage board to indicate which range they will be using and remove the tag when they are no longer using that range.
  2. Members and guests do not need to sign in when they are attending a GRRC sanctioned match, meeting or practice.
  3. No person using the range property shall pass a “road closed sign” or stop sign with any motorized vehicle or as a pedestrian on foot.
  4. Shooting hours are from 9:00 a.m. to sunset except for hunting purposes.
  5. Any member giving a range key or lock combination to a non-member shall lose range privileges or be expelled, at the discretion of the Board of Directors per Article IX of the GRRC by-laws.
  6. The driving of metal objects into any tree is prohibited.
  7. Membership cards must be carried and shown upon request.
  8. All persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  9. All pets must be kept off the range unless they are on a leash. Dogs may be off leash, but must be under control of handler.
  10. Each member can bring direct family members (defined as parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, spouses and significant others regardless of age and/or residence) plus two non-member guests; however, only TWO can be shooting at any given time.
  11. Guest(s) must sign in and out and will NOT be given the gate combination. Member is responsible for the conduct of the guest(s) and will accompany the guest(s) at all times. A member and guest would be allowed to use the KD range if they maintain two way radio contact between the firing line and the pits.
  12. During approved matches on all outdoor ranges, members and guests shall be under the supervision of the range officer or his/her appointee.
  13. Shooting is permitted only on designated ranges, except during hunting season.
  14. Empty chamber indicators will be used when applicable.
  15. All firearm safety precautions and all specific range rules shall be observed.
  16. Eye and ear protection should be used whenever shooting is taking place.
  17. There shall be no operating of the club equipment, or handling or shooting of firearms while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  18. No improvised targets such as cans or bottles are permitted.
  19. When using clay targets, it is the shooter’s responsibility to police the target area, removing the clay target fragments – with the exception of the shotgun range.
  20. Return all targets and target frames, if used, to their proper storage location.
  21. When finished shooting, each shooter shall police his/her firing point and leave the surrounding area clean.
  22. Grass, trash or brush fires shall not be started without authorization of a Club Officer and NOT without a burning permit when required.
  23. Twirling of loaded or unloaded firearm(s) is NOT permitted.
  24. Digging, driving, or climbing on backstops and front stops and/or berms is prohibited, unless for approved maintenance.
  25. Tracer ammunition is prohibited on all range facilities.
  26. The use of mechanical device(s) to rapidly pull the trigger of a semi-automatic firearm to increase its rate of fire is prohibited. Holding a semi-automatic firearm in such a manner as to increase its rate of fire (aka Bump Firing) is prohibited.
  27. Cutting living trees without the authorization of the Board of Directors is prohibited.
  28. Unauthorized use of vehicles off established roadways is prohibited.
  29. ANY member violating any range rule may lose range privileges or be expelled, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  30. Using firing lines as backstops is prohibited. All rounds fired must hit into impact areas.
  31. Handling of firearms on the firing line while person(s) are downrange is prohibited.
  32. During all Minnesota firearms DEER seasons, the legal DNR blaze orange requirements shall be observed by all people using the range property.
  33. Automatic weapons fire is prohibited on all range facilities.
  34. All members are responsible for understanding all the rules.       Questions regarding range rules should be directed to the appropriate chair person, sponsor or any GRRC club officer listed in the newsletter.
  35. Range safety officer may change or amend any rule or rules at any time.


  1. When using the KD range be sure to do the following:
  2. Raise the wind flags located nearest to the yard line you will be using.
  3. Raise the range in use flag located nearest to the target shed you will be using.
  4. Close the gate to the road that leads from the pit area to the multipurpose area.
  5. When using the 200 and 300 yard firing lines place a barricade on the road leading to the pits.
  6. When using the 600 yard firing line, place a road barricade on the road leading to the pits.
  7. No persons shall move between the firing line and the pits until all firing is completed and the line is safe.
  8. When using the 800, 900 or 1,000 yard lines, be sure to do the following to insure that there is a “safety zone” on the KD range.


  1. Raise the flags at the 1,000 and 600 yard lines.
  2. Close and lock the gates to the road behind the 600 yard line.
  3. Close and lock the gates leading to the back of the pits.
  4. Place the barricade at the 600 yard line cross roads intersection on the road that leads to the 200 and 300 yard lines and the pits.
  5. Raise the Wind Flag located nearest to the yard line you will be using.
  6. Raise the Range in Use Flag located nearest to the target shed you will be using.
  7. Do not move between the firing line and the pits until all firing has been completed and the firing line is safe.


  1. DO NOT CROSS THROUGH A CLOSED GATE. When the gates are closed, all areas

within the “safety zone” are strictly off limits.

  1. Targets are not to be placed in front of the pits and no firing is permitted from the pits.
  2. Eye protection is mandatory and ear protection is recommended for all personnel working

in the pits.

  1. Spectators are to be supervised and not allowed on the firing line until all shooting is

completed and the line is declared safe.

  1. Driving on the firing lines is prohibited.
  2. All rounds fired on the KD range must hit the impact zone. Using any of the firing lines

as a backstop is prohibited.

  1. All members may use the NRA style targets that are labeled “PRACTICE”. All other

NRA targets are for match and league use only.

  1. Paste all bullet holes in NRA targets with the proper color paster so that the target is in a like new, useable condition and return it to the target shed.
  2. Do not tape, staple or stick self-adhering type targets to the NRA targets.
  3. The corrugated plastic blank target on firing point 20 is to be utilized for taping, sticking

or applying self-adhering type targets.

  1. Remove all tape, staples and or self-adhering targets from corrugated plastic targets when

finished. The corrugated plastic blank targets are to remain outside in the carrier.


SECTION 2 B – 50 BMG KD Range Rules

  1. Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club prohibits 50 BMG matches. There will be a limit of two shooters firing at one time.
  2. You must have actual recorded data. Members will supply a 200 yard zero from the MP range prior to being checked out on the KD range.
  3. The use of ball ammo is restricted to ranges of 600 yards or closer. For distances greater than 600 yards, factory match or hand loads will be used. The use of API or Tracers is prohibited.
  4. All range safety rules apply. Members must be familiar with and responsible for all applicable safety rules.
  5. Members will be examined for proficiency by the RSO or a person of the RSO/ Board of Directors designation.
  6. The member(s) is responsible for attending whatever long range practices required/directed to achieve RSO’s examination at the desired firing point distance.
  7. Authorized members shall have a board member/long range discipline chair signature on their membership card to signify 50 BMG qualifications.
  8. Only firing points 5-15 shall be used for 50 BMG shooting on the KD Range.



  1. Eye and ear protection required on firing line – no exceptions – includes spectators.
  2. All firearms will be either cased or holstered up-range of the firing line. “The firing line is the area forward or downrange of the center berms”.
  3. Practice draws and working on firearms is only allowed in the safety area facing a berm. No ammo is allowed in the designated safety area.
  4. No loaded weapons up-range (south) of the firing line.
  5. No un-authorized metallic or frangible targets on the range.
  6. Any targets placed on the range must be situated so that fired rounds impact into the backstop.
  7. Remove all brass, including rim-fire, used targets and garbage upon leaving the range.
  8. Rifle fire is prohibited, with the exception of rim-fire or straight walled pistol cases, unless authorized during approved events.
  9. Shotgun patterning may be done at the pistol range. “Police up hulls and plastic wads from any shotgun use on the Pistol Range”.







  1. Use existing target frames. Do not place targets near the outside edges of the target frames.
  2. Use of personal target frames is permitted as long as their use is in accordance with #6 below.
  3. If you use club-owned steel silhouette targets, they must be returned to the proper storage location when finished shooting.
  4. Park all vehicles behind the fence posts.
  5. DO NOT DRIVE on the range or on the firing line.
  6. Fire only from the designated firing lines so that fired rounds impact the backstop.
  7. Cross-firing from one yard line to another is prohibited, except during approved matches.
  8. Distances at the M-P Range are set up in meters not yard measurements.



  1. No smoking at the loading benches or on the firing line.
  2. Fire only from the firing line.
  3. Muzzleloaders: do not cap percussion weapons or prime flintlock weapons until you have reached the firing line and are prepared to shoot.  Modern Firearms:   all firearms are to have the action open and the safety in the “on” position when not being fired.
  4. DO NOT DRIVE forward of the firing line.
  5. When shooting less than 100 yards, be sure your targets are mounted sufficiently high to guarantee that the bullet will strike the backstop. When shooting silhouette targets, use the existing silhouette rails and backstops only – no improvised placement of silhouette targets is permitted.
  6. Modern firearms may be used on this range.



  1. No firearms other than shotguns or pistols firing shot shells are to be fired on the shotgun range.
  2. Firing should be done using trap loads only.
  3. No shot larger than 7-1/2 lead is to be used on the shotgun range this includes use of the patterning board. Larger shot may be patterned on the pistol range.
  4. No firearms shall be fired from inside of the trap house.
  5. All shotguns are to have the action open, the safety is the “on” position (Muzzleloaders are not to be capped or primed) and are to be pointed downrange or in racks when not being fired.
  6. Club throwers or other equipment shall not be used unless the member has been approved by the shotgun chairperson or his/her authorized representative.



  1. No firearms are to be discharged on the Archery Range, except for hunting purposes.
  2. No Broadheads shall be shot into range targets.
  3. Vehicles should not be driven on the range or trails. Maintenance vehicles only!
  4. No range targets are to be removed from the Archery Range.
  5. No shots shall be fired outside of personal proficiency range, except for sight-in range.
  6. No horseplay or standing on rails of elevated shooting platforms.
  7. No shots shall be cross fired on shooting lanes.
  8. Stay in designated shooting lane. No cutting across lanes.
  9. No unauthorized shooting platforms shall be constructed or used.
  10. Archery tackle that has been altered or tampered with, which discharges a projectile in an unsafe or illegal manner may not be used on the Archery Range.
  11. Arrows shall only be fired at targets.
  12. No shooting of animals on the Archery Range, except during legally open hunting seasons.
  13. No “sky drawing”. All bows must be drawn down range.
  14. Archers, do not nock arrows until at the line and all others are behind the line.
  15. All firearms safety rules will be followed. Treat Archery tackle with the same respect as firearms.
  16. Clean up after yourself and take your trash home.
  17. Leave bows on the holder while down range, so others will know that you are down range.



  1. Safety is always first.
  2. All MN DNR hunting rules will be observed and practiced by members except when superseded by specific GRRC hunting rules.
  3. Range use always takes precedence over hunting.
  4. Types of hunting allowed on the range:
    1. Deer hunting (archery, rifle and muzzleloader).
    2. Small game hunting (rabbit and varmints).
    3. Small game hunting (squirrel) shotgun only.
    4. Crow hunting shotgun only.
  5. No other bird hunting is allowed.
  6. Bear hunting is not allowed.
  7. Hunting on the range property is restricted to the member and no more than two family members as defined under Item 9 – General Range Rules.
  8. All hunters must be properly licensed.
  9. During the Minnesota firearms DEER season, the legal DNR blaze orange requirements shall be observed by all people using the range property.
  10. A “blaze orange use” sign will be posted by the entrance for the entire firearm deer season.
  11. No tree stand use is allowed.
  12. All ground blinds must have a visible piece of blaze orange attached to it.
  13. All bullets must impact on club property.
  14. Any violation of GRRC or DNR hunting rules may result in the loss of hunting privileges as determined by the Board of Directors.



ADOPTED 5/29/2015

REVISED 1/21/75, 6/5/79, 6/6/81, 8/21/90, 1/9/96, 7/1/2010, 3/24/2012, 12/12/12, 5/25/15