Action Arms

Welcome Action Arms participants to the new Web site. 2008 looks like another exciting year of practical shooting. We are looking at another Tactical Shotgun match on saturday, March 15th, 2008, so all you 3-gun types can practice your reloading skills and come out and have fun, while preparing for the big matches to follow this season.

I have scheduled a special classifier USPSA pistol match on Saturday, May 3. The special classifier will have 5 stages from the USPSA classifier book. So if your planning on competing in a new class this year you can come out and get a classification in that class without waiting for completing 5 classifiers during the league and other matches at sister clubs. A MN Section points match is to be scheduled on saturday, May 31, and the GRRC 10 week IPSC league begins monday,May 12th. I am looking for support to put on a 3-gun near the end of June, but that depends on those willing to step forward and commit to helping putting this match on.

With that I again welcome everyone to the new season and wish you all great success in 2008.