The MP range is open.

Due to situations beyond our control the construction on the MP range has been postponed.  Regular shooting schedules (9:00 am until dark) seven days a week are in affect.  When construction can resume all GRRC members will be notified. If any member has any questions they can be directed to any board member.














Plan a weekend in the campground

By Tom Heinrich, Campground Chair

Since my very first visit to GRCC I’ve admired the beautiful campground facilities.  Within our facility is everything one needs for an excellent camping experience. Every member should spend time with family enjoying our jewel. The large covered pavilion keeps both the sun and the rain at bay.  It has a bit of power to run your radio or the pump for your air mattress. There are also several new picnic tables for use. As the sun sets run up to the wood shed and grab a few good sized logs of wood for the evening fire.  There is a fire pit for use and benches in case you forget your lawn chairs. The toilets are always well maintained and, to put it bluntly, don’t smell.(Heck, if my girls use them ~ anyone will use them!) Additionally did you know there is a working shower? Yep. You’ll need to make a quick one but it will be warm. Feel like getting really heated up? Fire up the wood stove in the sauna and get the steam rolling. It’s good for what ales you. Some things to keep in mind   The neighbors are close, just over the property line, so don’t play music too loud, too late into the evening. And, as with anywhere on the range, take your trash home. Family members who are not members of the club must be accompanied by a member at all times. Enjoy the campground!