New road signs at the range…sure, we all know where we’re going BUT new visitors found it kind of confusing.  Not any more.  The signs are great.

Work Day October 24

Please remember that the October GMM is at Kraus-Hartig on the 20th.  We did not  have a quorum in August OR September,  and have business to complete.  We need you!  The 2016 Membership Renewal Form is included in the October Gazette. Try to take care of this soon- especially if your NRA membership is expiring.

The updated Range Rules are available in the “About” section above, under “Range Rules.”

The 2015 Fall High School League will be shooting Tuesdays,

9-22 and 9-29,  10/6, 10/13, 10/20, and 10/27.

If any GRRC member wants to help out, please call Larry S.

Saturday October 24 is the fall work day. Come and work, but there is NO shooting on Saturday!